A Good InVESTment

You’re probably familiar with J.Crew’s signature herringbone quilted puffer vest, and like me, have tried to get your hands on one for about forever. I’m sure you also know just how fast they sell out. Good news though, J.Crew Factory has them back in stock and they’re even on sale!

Vests are one of my top necessities for fall and winter, and that awkward transition period in-between. With the unpredictable weather that NYC brings, this wardrobe staple is super cute for layering, and could be styled in countless ways. Summer I love you, (but….) I’m beyond ready to break out my fall outfits. (Riding boots, corduroys, oversized sweaters & cashmere, oh my gosh)

It hasn’t even been a day yet and the herringbone style is already on backorder in most of their sizes. However, for now, all sizes are still available in other colors! The red currant is probably my favorite, but I’ve had my eyes on the herringbone for one year too long so I already snatched mine up (how could I not, seriously); get yours asap! Make this wise inVESTment for the fall and never look back.



Factory Quilted Puffer Vest (Solid Colors) Retail: $98, On sale for $68.50

Factory Novelty Quilted Puffer Vest (Camo & Herringbone) Retail: $108, On sale for $75

And just when you thought your day couldn’t get any better: If you spend $100 or more, you will receive an extra 20% off! (Perfect excuse to buy that statement necklace or those adorable earrings that you’ve always wanted, but never actually needed)




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