#SpoonFeed Chobani Feature

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As you may have already noticed, I just LOVE exploring new restaurants and cafes around the city.  If you follow me on Instagram (@meganmckee_), you may remember my Chobani yogurt picture I took down in SoHo the other week. Well, I’m pretty excited to announce this photo of mine is featured in Spoon University’s recent article. Check it out here, and make sure to follow their Instagram as well @SpoonUniversity.

September 8-15 #SpoonFeed Winners.



levain bakery

Levain Bakery, or cookie heaven?

I’m finally back in the Big Apple for good, and I couldn’t be happier, mostly because of all the food. Go figure. After spending my summer months scrolling through the NYC food section of Instagram and Pinterest, I’ve been dying to find the best cookie on the Upper West Side. This place definitely has it. After taking a bite of this oh so gooey Levain NYC Bakery cookie, I can officially say I died and went to cookie heaven. This is the most glorious chocolate chip walnut cookie to grace this planet. A cookie-induced foogasm occurred whilst eating these cookies. Probably got a few strange looks as I closed my eyes and savored every last bite. Just take a peek at this delicacy up close and personal. You can practically taste the Levain Bakery goodness from your screen.

If it’s wrong to spend $4 on a cookie, I don’t ever want to be right. These are so beyond worth it. The thing that separates this cookie from the rest is the texture; they are sort of hard on the outside, but the middle is amazingly warm and gooey, and about four inches thick.

So next time you’re in the city, be sure to stop by: 167 w 74th street (at Amsterdam Avenue)



Weekend Getaway: Newport & Mystic

It’s hard to believe it’s already August, and almost time to return back to reality for most of us. For me, my summer has been a constant cycle of packing and unpacking, just to re-pack again. So, this mini getaway was the perfect ending to all my summer travel adventures.

Both Newport and Mystic are both charming quintessential New England towns: surrounded by water, sailboats, and all-you-can-eat lobster rolls as far as the eye can sea. Coming to quaint villages like these really makes you appreciate the true beauty of New England.


Survival Secrets

By no means am I certified professional in NYC life, but living here for just over a year has taught me so much already; and there’s still so much I’m looking forward to learning. Going to college in New York has given me the freedom to explore all the amazing opportunities and places the city has to offer, and I’ve never been more grateful. In my freshman year of college, I completed a fashion internship in the Garment District which really opened my eyes to having a career here. Specifically, I picked up on the tricks of the trade: what works and what doesn’t. In a city so competitive, you must get ahead to stay ahead, and that’s my number one motivator for continuing success here. Thus, I put together a list of some advice that I’ve found to help me successfully find my way in this fast paced city.


Staying Organized with Lilly

In a land before time (aka, my middle school years), I was highly unorganized. Papers were flying out of my binders, and to-do lists ceased to exist. It wasn’t until my junior year of high school that I discovered these bright, colorful, and ever-so beautifully crafted Lilly Pulitzer agendas. Since then, I’ve been on a Lilly craze. From being inspired by her lemonade stand story, to falling in love with her shift print dresses, I’ve become obsessed. This year, I sized up and ordered the large size agenda in the Trippin and Sippin print, and I just had to get my sorority letters monogrammed on it, too.

Lilly’s 2014-2015 line of agendas are perfect for students and business professionals with the thoughtful set up inside and the beautiful cover on the outside. Most importantly, they keep you on top of your tasks and in my case, even further fueled my ambition to put more on my plate and keep up a busy schedule. I just adore writing down events with pretty colored pens and highlighters. However, one of the best feelings is  being able to cross things off from your to-do list. Nothing beats that sense of accomplishment you feel.

If I can give you one piece of advice, my number one suggestion is to write everything (yes, everything) down in your planner, even if you think it’s not important. The reason I say this is because the less information you have to store in the back of your memory, the more space you’ll have for getting other business done, such as coming up with brilliant ideas, or directing all of your attention to a task at hand. I’ve found that without my Lilly planner, my life can become an unorganized hell. It’s not pretty.



vineyard vines in nyc

Third Ave is Getting Whaley Excited

Vineyard Vines is coming to NYC! Yes, you heard right. In November, they are opening a 2,500-square-foot flagship store at 1151 Third Avenue. (Read more about it here) I’m really excited that this well-known preppy retailer is stomping its way into the concrete jungle. There’s question to whether this brand will adapt to the aesthetic of New York shoppers. My bigger question is how is my bank account will look after the store opens. November is also my birthday month, so you can bet I’ll be there right on opening day, and my wallet will be crying shortly after.

Here are some Vineyard Vine pieces that I’ve eyed up for quite some time. Can’t you tell I just love the pink/navy blue combo?

Vineyard Vines takes on Manhattan

A Good InVESTment

You’re probably familiar with J.Crew’s signature herringbone quilted puffer vest, and like me, have tried to get your hands on one for about forever. I’m sure you also know just how fast they sell out. Good news though, J.Crew Factory has them back in stock and they’re even on sale!

Vests are one of my top necessities for fall and winter, and that awkward transition period in-between. With the unpredictable weather that NYC brings, this wardrobe staple is super cute for layering, and could be styled in countless ways. Summer I love you, (but….) I’m beyond ready to break out my fall outfits. (Riding boots, corduroys, oversized sweaters & cashmere, oh my gosh)

It hasn’t even been a day yet and the herringbone style is already on backorder in most of their sizes. However, for now, all sizes are still available in other colors! The red currant is probably my favorite, but I’ve had my eyes on the herringbone for one year too long so I already snatched mine up (how could I not, seriously); get yours asap! Make this wise inVESTment for the fall and never look back.



Factory Quilted Puffer Vest (Solid Colors) Retail: $98, On sale for $68.50

Factory Novelty Quilted Puffer Vest (Camo & Herringbone) Retail: $108, On sale for $75

And just when you thought your day couldn’t get any better: If you spend $100 or more, you will receive an extra 20% off! (Perfect excuse to buy that statement necklace or those adorable earrings that you’ve always wanted, but never actually needed)



fitbit for toryburch

Fitness Meets Fashion: Fitbit partners with Tory Burch

When the Fit Bit first came out, admittedly, I was intrigued. Being Type A, in conjunction with being on a recent health kick, I’ve become a tad compulsive when it comes to counting calories and monitoring my exercise. Hey, nothing wrong with wanting to feel good/look good, am I wrong?

I’m a devoted fan to using MyFitnessPal app on my iPhone, and I wasn’t convinced I wanted, or even had the time to use another fitness app. However, when I heard the news via Twitter that Tory Burch partnered with them, I became intrigued. Not too soon after, I caught a glimpse of what this beauty of a fitness bracelet looked like and I was hooked! Must get my hands on this.

TB_22145800_701_A TB_22145803_427_B


Tory Burch for Fitbit


Isabella’s: A Taste of Heaven

Always the biggest question on Sunday morning – where should we go to brunch? For me, I usually always check Yelp to help me find good places nearby. Recently, I’ve turned to Instagram as a means of deciding which restaurant to try next. It’s actually much more reliable and helpful! You can catch me looking up the hashtags “eeeeeats,” “nycbrunch,” and “brunchlife” on a weekly basis to scope out whats hot on the New York brunch scene. For me, I like to see pictures of how the food actually looks first….mainly because I hope the display of food looks pretty enough so I could post a photo of it on Instagram. Nothing turns me off more than a restaurant that slops food on your plate, with no care to the aesthetic of how it’s presented. Yeah, I have a serious food problem, I’m a major foodie if you couldn’t tell. Get me to therapy stat.

Right now, my list of spots to try keeps growing. I don’t think there are enough Sunday’s in a year to try all the places on my wish list!

This past Mother’s Day, my family came into the city to visit me and have a nice Mother’s Day brunch. We decided on Isabella’s, serving inventive Mediterranean on the Upper West Side.

photo 2 photo 3

To start, we all shared a plate of fresh fruit. I ordered a crab cake Benedict with spinach, sliced tomato, and citrus hollandaise. A must-have!

If you thought that looked good, wait until you get a glimpse of their dessert menu! My chocolate craving was out of control so it’s no surprise I just had to order the warm brownie sundae: vanilla gelato on a rich fudge brownie, drenched in hot chocolate sauce, pecan crunch & whipped cream.  At only $9, you really can’t go wrong!

The weather was absolutely beautiful.  A lovely after-meal stroll through Central Park was the perfect end to the perfect brunch.

{#ootd : blouse from J.Crew, white pants from Express, and wedges from Kate Spade}

Check out their extensive menu for yourself and make a reservation for next Sunday because this is a place you definitely do not want to skip! http://www.isabellas.com/



3 Things I Miss On Summer Break: The Intangibles

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You can’t pinpoint it to a single word, phrase, or even Frank Sinatra song, but there’s just something about the air in New York City that makes you fall in love — over and over again. And no, I’m not talking about the cutie in the suit and tie on the 6 train. The saying “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone,” it 110% correct. No matter how unbearably smelly or noisy it could be, there’s still something that keeps you coming back again, time after time, for more. Maybe it’s the bright lights, maybe it’s something more.